Amina Zaripova (RUS)

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Nickname: Mimitchka, Mimino

photo: Alexander Kochann

Birthday: 10th August, 1976

Birthplace: Tchirtchik, Uzbekistan

Residence: Moscow, Russia

Stature: 176 cm (5 ft 9 inches)

Weight: 53 kg

Languages: English

Discipline: Individual


Coach: Irina Viner

Started with RG: 10 years old (1986)

Weekly training: 6 x 7 hours

Music: classic, russian songs

Books: love stories, Steven King

Movies: love stories, comedy

Hobbies: television, music, reading

Other sports: roller skates (with Natalia)

Contact address:

Amina Zaripova
Shevchenko 3/22
Moscow, NHB Tarash


In European championships competition, Zaripova was third place all-around (juniors) in '91; third all-around, first with ball and clubs, and third with hoop and ribbon in '94; first with clubs in '96; and eighth with clubs in '98.

She also placed first all-around at the '94 Goodwill Games and fourth all-around at the '96 Olympics.

After a brief comeback in 1999, Zaripova retired again. She has worked as a model and has performed in gymnastics exhibitions, and is currently coaching young rhythmic gymnasts in Moscow. "I can manage a different life very well; I can't do only gymnastics," says Zaripova of her post-competitive prospects.

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