Amina Zaripova

Country: Russia
Discipline: Rhythmic
Birthday: August 10, 1976
Hometown: Tashkent, Uzbekistan
Coach: Irina Viner

Amina Zaripova emerged as Russia's top rhythmic athlete. Her legendary flexibility and signature style quickly made her a fan favorite.

Born in Uzbekistan, Zaripova moved with coach Irina Viner to Moscow to train. A late bloomer, Zaripova didn't enter the gym until age 10.

Though she has never earned world all-around gold (she was 2nd in '94), Zaripova can claim several individual titles -- most notably with her best events, ball & clubs.

Her best meet was the 1994 Goodwill Games, where she claimed the all-around and three of the four event golds (all but ribbon).

In the mid-1990s, Zaripova began to feel pressure from talented teammate Yanina Batryshina, who finished 2nd at the 1996 Olympics -- two places ahead of the older Zaripova.

In 1997, Zaripova underwent surgery for a torn Achilles tendon and, in late 1998, announced her retirement from the sport saying she was "too tired" to continue.

But Zaripova wasn't quite finished. Despite facing stiff competition from youngster Alina Kabaeva, early this year Zaripova announced her comeback by taking part in the L.A. Lights International. "I wasn't finished," she told IG. "I wanted to do more."

You can read more about Zaripova and her comeback in the March issue of IG!

photo by: Eileen Langsley © IG '96


  • 1999 L.A. Lights: 4th all-around
  • 1996 Olympics: 4th all-around
  • 1996 European Championships: 3rd all-around, 1st clubs
  • 1996 World Championships: 1st clubs, 2nd ball
  • 1995 World Championships: 1st team, ball & clubs; 4th all-around; 2nd ribbon
  • 1995 European Cup: 4th all-around, 1st ribbon, 2nd clubs, 3rd hoop
  • 1995 Gymnastics Masters: 5th all-around
  • 1995 DTB Cup: 5th all-around
  • 1994 World Championships: 2nd all-around, 1st ball & hoop
  • 1994 Goodwill Games: 1st all-around, hoop, ball & clubs; 3rd ribbon
  • 1994 European Championships: 3rd all-around
  • 1993 World Championships: 3rd team & all-around
  • 1991 Junior European Championships: 3rd all-around