Anna Bessonova (UKR)

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Birthday: 29 July, 1984

Photo by Dirk Zimmermann

Birthplace: Kiev, Ukraine

Residence: Kiev, Ukraine

Height: 173 cm

Weight: 45 kg

Nickname: Anya

Languages: Russian, English

Discipline: Individual

Club: Derugina's school

Coach: Albina & Irina Derugina

Weekly training: 35-40 hours

Education: Graduated from school after ending 10 classes(out of 11) and last year studied in a sports internate.

Music: Classical and pop

Color: Black & white

Books: Love-stories

Country: Apart from Ukraine, Japan and Spain

Charachter: Shy, kind and easy-going

Other sports: Figure skating, tennis, soccer, dancing

Favourite apparatus: rope

Favourite gymnast: Natalia Lipkovskaya, Alexandra Timoshenko

World Class in 1999


Father Vladimir Bessonov - famous Ukrainian soccer player



Mother Viktoria Seryikh - former RG World Champion/group



(Her coach was also Albina Deriugina)



Brother Sasha, who was involved in Tennis and is now dedicated to his studies.



Interview September 2003    Interview September 2007

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