Aliya Yussupova (KAZ)

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Birthday: 15 May, 1984

Hometown: Shymkent, Kazakhstan

Residence: Moscow, Russia

Discipline: Individual

Coach: Irina Viner

Former Coach: Natalia Rogozhina


With her top ten finish at last fall's world championships in Spain, Kazakhstan's Aliya Yusupova cemented herself among the world's rhythmic elite. Light and extremely supple, the 17-year-old Yusupova also led her Kazakh squad to sixth place in Madrid, their best team finish in history.

Formerly coached by Natalia Rogozhina, Yusupova is now training in Russia with legendary coach Irina Viner. Viner told the Russian press that she has "no doubts" that the talented Yusupova can become a star.

Though former gymnast Assel Mustafina of Kazakhstan competed for Russia after moving to train with Viner, Yusupova plans on retaining her citizenship and representing her home country in the future. "Yusupova will prove," Viner declared, "that small countries can be among the world leaders in rhythmic gymnastics."

January 2002 issue of International Gymnast Magazine.


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